Welcome to Reportin!

Reporting is a web tool, making document-related communication easy and pleasureable.


Reportin is about efficiency: sign up, get started right away, there's no red tape.


Using Reportin is free, and you cannot go cheaper than that. Really, we tried...


Share easily with multiple companies. No more email spamming, forgotten notifications, it just works!


Fret not about security: Reportin uses SSL, encryption, and all other pizzaz that keeps your data secure.

How to start?

To receive documents and email notifications as Investor: To share documents with multiple companies as Startup:

What they say?

Jens K.:

Monthly reporting used to be a nightmare, until I started using Reportin. After I upload report file, it is automatically delivered to all of my company's investors. So simple!

Mark W.:

Communication with my investors improved tenfold since I use Reportin. So good, why didn't I use it earlier?

Christophe M.:

As an Investor I need to be constantly in the loop regarding my startups. Until now, I had to use Dropbox, Google Drive and email to keep track of shared files. Now I not only have everything in one place, but also receive email updates!